Tammy Kilgore, PhD, LCSW

Tammy's work with couples, adult families, and individuals centers on emotional attachment and relational concerns. Her treatment approach is anchored in the belief that you are whole, you are worthy, and you deserve to be fully seen and loved.

Embracing a deep interest that she’d previously not dared to consider as a serious career option, Tammy became a psychotherapist after two successful careers in other fields. Licensed as a Clinical Social Worker, certified in Marriage and Family Therapy, and pursuing certification in Emotionally Focused Therapy, she practices privately in SE Denver.

Professional experience includes 6 years service as a Bereavement Counselor for a local hospice.

  • Certificate, Marriage & Family Therapy, Denver Family Institute
  • Master of Social Work, Metro State University of Denver
  • PhD, UCLA (Chemistry)


Conveniently located in University Hills in SE Denver. Parking is available on the campus and the office is accessible without stairs or elevators.


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Suggested Reading

For those who like to read books to learn more about relationships, we have a virtural library where you can search for recommended titles. Give it a try!